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About Library

Welcome to the Central Library, Diamond Harbour Women's University

Library Rules

  • Library Membership: Ensure you have a valid university ID card to access library services.
  • Quiet Zones: Maintain a hushed atmosphere within the library for focused study.
  • Institutional repository/digital collections are under construction
  • Borrowing Materials: Respect due dates for borrowed items. Renew online if needed, or return promptly
  • No Food or Drinks: Keep all snacks and beverages outside the library to preserve materials
  • Cell Phones: Silence or switch off mobile devices while in the library.
  • Handling Materials: Handle books and materials carefully to preserve their condition for others.
  • Respect for Others: Maintain courteous behaviour towards staff and fellow library users.
  • Computer Use: Use computers for academic purposes; limit your sessions during peak times.
  • Personal Belongings: Store bags and personal items in designated areas.
  • Lost or Damaged Items: Report any lost or damaged items promptly and be responsible for replacement or repair costs
Adhering to these rules ensures a conducive environment for learning and research for all library users.