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Department of Women's Studies

The Department of Women’s Studies was established in 2014 with the commencement of academic activities in the University in tune with the university’s commitment to the cause of empowerment of women. At present, the department offers a post-graduate programme. The PG curriculum has been framed with the objective of familiarising students with the discipline of women’s studies, which involves not only the historical dimensions of this field of study, but also its political and socio-cultural antecedents. Fieldwork, research projects and outreach activities are integral aspects of the curriculum of the Department. The Department of Women’s Studies, DHWU aims to create holistic and research oriented academic environment for students along with opening up possibilities of academic engagement beyond the curriculum. The areas in which the department puts forward most emphasis are Law and Gender, Women’s Health Issues, Gender and Media, Women & Performance, Gender and Violence, Women’s rights and Human Rights, Feminist Theory, Gender and Caste.

Diamond Harbour Women`s University was originally established under the Government of WB Legislative Assembly Act 2012. However, the academic activities of the Department was started on 2014.Along with Departments of Political Science, History, English, Bengali , Sociology and Education the Department of Women Studies was established .In the first year 8 students took admission. The group used to celebrate all programs by their own initiative. In 2015 and 2016 students celebrated International Women`s Day ,fresher`s social, Teacher`s Day by their own initiative. The Department of Women Studies Was also involved in extra- curricular activities along with the other students of the Departments. Thus during the first two years all departmental activities are performed together. It was in 2017 the International Women`s Day was celebrated in proper fashion. Ste Government Fund was allotted for the celebration of the program and a two days program was organized in collaboration with the Department of History and Bengali. In the same year `Sayamsidha`, an NGO from the South 24 Parganas Police Department conducted a program to promote the security of women in the areas. Two girls who was trafficked and rescued were brought to the University with their parents to narrate the ways they survived from trafficking and how the Police department has been involved in the protection of the women was the main theme of the discussion. Besides this a seminar was conducted and among the Chair person of the Women`s Commission was invited as the guest of Honour had been carried out in the Department .The extra- curricular activities included International Women`s Day. In 2018 Geraldine Forbes was the chief Guest of the International Women`s Day. From 2018, the Department in collaboration with the Department of Bengali and History started celebrating the birth Anniversary of Begum RokheaSakhawat while dignitaries used to visit the University on that day .Normally activities in the Department are performed in collaboration with the Department of Bengali and History. Department side by side organized paper presentation session, poster competition among the students in 2018 a quiz competition was organized under auspices of The State Women`s Commission. In 2020 an International Seminar was organized by the Department of Women Studies under the sponsorship of National Women`s Commission. A two day program was organized, Prof Molly Kuruvilla was the Chief Guest of the Conference she was the Director Women Studies Calicut University. Beside her, the key note speaker was Prof Nirmala Banerjee , Faculty from JNU , JU Department of Women`s Studies was also present to enrich the sessions of the seminar, Chanrika from the Department of Women`s Studies Tripura University was also Present .Our students from 16-18 and 17-19 batch also presented paper and attended seminar. In Rabindran Bharati University, Women Studies Department, and Lady Braborne College Women`s Studies Centre for paper presentation in the Seminar. The poster presentation is a favorite events of the Women`s Studies Department of Diamond Harbour University At present, the Department of Women’s Studies, DHWU plans to widen its research area and welcome scholars and academicians to enhance students’ academic potential.

Year of Establishment: 2014

  • The faculties of this department aim to provide the best teaching facilities to the students from its inception. The department have been organising national and international level seminars, encourages the students to participate in various debates, quiz competition, essay writing and the students have enthusiastically engaged themselves in such activities. Various academicians across the globe deliver lectures at this department with the aim of inspiring the students to pursue their course.
  • Gender and Literature
  • Gender and Media Studies
  • Human Rights and Women’s Rights
  • Gender, Law and Violence
  • The department, from its inception attempts to organize lectures and seminars to motivate students more about pursuing their studies in this particular course. The dept. has also taken the initiative to introduce Ph. D programme to increase the scope of research.
  • The department aims toinspire more students to take up Women’s Studies as a subject to pursue research. Diamond Harbour Women’s University is the first one to introduce Women’s Studies as a subject in the Masters’ Degree level in West Bengal. At the very outset the department began this course with very few students but the numbers are increasing. One of the major challenges of the dept. is to motivate more students to take this subject to increase their scope of study.
  • The department aims to introduce and conduct research projects to engage the students in research related activities. The department also aims to create job opportunities for the students by providing them all sorts of infrastructural facilities.
  • The Department with collaboration with the Department of History, DHWU organised a seminar titled Researching Women’s Life: History & Photography in Colonial India in February 2017.
  • In March 2017, the Department organised a seminar titled Women Studies: Concept, Facets, Prospects funded by Department of Higher Education, government of West Bengal.
  • In December 2017 the Department organised seminar titled Rokeya Smarak Alochana encouraged by the DHWU.
  • A Two Day International Seminar on Responding to Regional Disparities and Poverty: A Focus on the Women’s Empowerment perspectives on 6th and 7th March 2020 organised by Diamond Harbour Women’s University, Sponsored by the National Commission for Women.
  • A series of talks was organised by the department of Women’s Studies, DHWU on Responding to Regional Disparities and Poverty- A Focus on the Women Empowerment Perspectives in the year 2020.
  • Two Day International Webinar was Organised by Diamond Harbour Women’s University under the aegis of department of Women’s Studies on 8th and 9th March 2021.
  • Prof. Dr. Sanjukta Dasgupta delivered an online lecture in the online lecture series presented by the department of Women’s Studies on 16th July 2021.
  • Fourth Rokeya Memorial Lecture was delivered by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Sanchari Ray Mukherjee on 5th August 2021 in the online mode organised by the department of Bengali, History and Women’s Studies, Diamond Harbour Women’s University.
  • 1. SimaNaskarfrom 2016-’18 batch is working as a Superintendent of Amar Basha Child Protection Home at Paschim Banga O Janakalyan Parishad.
  • LabaniBhandary from 2016-’18 batch is working as an Assistant Teacher of ZWS (CBSE Board)
  • Stella Basu from 2017-’19 batch is pursuing M.Phil in Women’s Studies from Vidyasagar University.
  • Sonamoni Kunti is working as a faculty of Women’s Studies at Vivekananda College.
  • Mou Biswas from 2017-’19 batch is a Social Worker and felicitator in an NGO.
  • Puja Paruifrom 2018-’20 batch is working as an Assistant of Amazon Prime.
  • M.A. level: 30
  • Ph.D : To be decided at the time of admission