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Welcome to the Central Library, Diamond Harbour Women's University

Research support:

At the Central Library of Diamond Harbour Women's University, we are committed to providing comprehensive research support to our students and faculty. Here's how we assist in research endeavours:

Extensive Collection: Our library houses a diverse and extensive collection of books, journals, e-resources, and multimedia materials spanning various disciplines, ensuring that researchers can access various sources.

Information Retrieval: We offer assistance in effectively searching and retrieving relevant information from our resources, helping researchers save time and access the most valuable materials.

Interlibrary Loan: If a required resource is unavailable in our collection, we facilitate interlibrary loans to borrow materials from other institutions, expanding the research possibilities.

Reference Services: Our dedicated reference librarians are available to answer queries, guide research strategies, and help locate specific information.

Access to Databases: We provide access to online databases, academic journals, and digital repositories, enabling researchers to access the latest research findings.

Thesis and Dissertation Support: We assist graduate students in formatting, citing, and organising their theses and dissertations correctly.

Collaboration Spaces: Our library offers collaborative spaces where researchers can meet and work together on projects.

Research Grants and Scholarly Publishing: We provide information on research grants, funding opportunities, and support in the scholarly publishing process.

Plagiarism Checks: We help researchers avoid plagiarism through Ouriginal software by offering guidance on proper citation and using plagiarism detection software.

24/7 Access: Our digital resources and library services are available 24/7 to accommodate varying research schedules.